Best Laxatives for Weight Loss

Best laxatives for weight loss might be needed by the people who want to lose their weight so that they can have their body on shape. When people have no more idea on how to lose weight because they have been on diet but they get no result, dealing with laxatives can be the best idea. However, laxatives also relieve infrequent bowel movements.

What do people love about using laxatives? Laxatives show the fastest effect for those who want to lose weight as long as people use it in the right procedures.

As laxatives are used to clean up all the intestinal system, people would experience the bowel movement to help the intestinal system to be cleaned up. It boosts up the metabolism in the body so that the people can lose their weight in a healthy way.
best laxatives for fast quick weight loss

Various Types of Laxatives

What laxatives work best for weight loss? When we are talking about laxatives, you need to know some types of laxatives. Each of the laxatives will work out differently and it has the pros and cons which are different to one another.
what are good laxatives for weight loss

  • Bulk forming laxatives

    This kind of laxative will work well by adding some amount of fiber to your stool. The fibers are the Psyllium husk, sterculia, and also methylcellulose.

    What are the functions of these fibers? They work by taking in some water and then bulking the stool up. Compared to all kinds of laxatives, these bulk forming laxatives work the best because it is considered as the laxative with the least risk of those side effects.

  • Osmotic laxatives

    The second type of laxatives will work by separating between the water in the intestines from the food which is undigested. Then it will give pressure by doing induce of the bowel movements.

    One thing that people have to be careful in using this laxative is when they shouldn’t consume this laxative too often. It is because the laxative will cause dehydration. It keeps on excreting the water and the body will lack of water due to the regular usage of laxatives.

best laxatives for weight loss

  • Stool softeners

    Another type of laxative is called the stool softeners. As it may sound to you, this kind of laxative will make the stool gets softened. Thus, the water, the fat, and other kinds of liquids will be saturated so that the stool can be excreted out from the body easily.

    There are some examples of the stool softeners such as mineral oils, docusate sodium, and also glycerin suppositories. Among 4 types of laxatives, this one is the softest laxative of all.

  • Stimulant laxatives

    The last type of laxative goes to the stimulant laxatives. It is a laxative that will stimulate the fluids during the secretion so that the bowel movement can be pressed out fluently. They will make a trigger into the nervous system of the intestinal in the body.

    Although it has the name of stimulant laxatives, but the medical experts don’t really suggest the usage of this laxative because it can make the patients addicted to use this laxative.

What about you? Which one do you think the laxative that belongs to the most effective laxatives for weight loss?

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