Exercise for Bigger Hips and Get the Sɘxy Hourglass Figure

Exercise for bigger hips is the best choice for you who have been dreaming of having bigger hips. It may be every woman’s dream to have big hips like what well-known celebrities such as Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Nikki Minaj, or Jennifer Lopez has.

Having big hips is considered as sɘxy curves by men and almost all men are crazy about these sɘxy curvy figures. This hourglass figure symbolizes strong feminine gorgeousness of a woman. No wonder that most women are trying to get this beautiful sɘxy curve.
exercise for bigger hips

How to Get Sɘxy Bigger Hips

It’s not questionable that all women want to have better looking and look sɘxier in front of men. They are doing so not only to attract men but also for their satisfaction, as women love to look at themselves in front of the mirror. Having a good looking body is one of women’s achievements. They don’t mind to do everything in order to get the body curve they desire.

There are some methods can be done to get the sɘxy bigger hips like the famous public figures above has. One of them is performing exercise for bigger hips. Here are some exercises you can do to get wider bigger hips.
how to get bigger or wider hips

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First exercise is squats. These are quite easy to do and considered to effectively reduce undesired fats and tone the buttocks. Doing squats can also tone the abs and thigh. It can also strengthen the thigh. Stand straight and toes facing forward. Push backwards your hips until your thighs are equal to the ground.

Ensure you keep your arms straight out in line with your chest and hold your stomach contracted. You can feel the pressure in your abs and thighs. Keep this position for a second then push through your feet to go back to the beginning position and go over. For maximum result, do it for 50 times in your first try and increase it.
exercises for wider hip and bigger hips workout

The next exercise is the side lunge. This type of workout is great at making the most of the hip muscles. Stand upright with toes turned out a little. Hold your left foot planted firmly on the ground, with your right foot take a wide step to the right and lower your body when you plant your right foot until your right thigh is equal to the ground.

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Rest the inside of your left foot on the ground. Stiffen your glutes and abs then push yourself back up using your hips strength to the initial position then switch legs. The more you do this workout, the bigger the strength in your hips turns out to be. The muscles will grow more, too.
how to widen or make your hips wider

Yoga is also the great method to get a strong and sturdy butt. It builds muscle and strength in your butt as it makes you stand in one pose for longer time then standard workouts. It is easier for you who do yoga to lose fats as yoga has the ability to relax the mind and help to get rid of stress. Try to do the workout for bigger or wider hips to get the sɘxy curve.