how to get a smaller waist and bigger hips

Smaller Waist & Bigger Hips

How to get a smaller waist and bigger hips exercise is one of the most sought after exercises on earth. Many methods or techniques have been done by them, be it through intensive diet, synthetic pills, excessive exercise, or even surgery.

Don’t torture your body with all of those painful methods to get your dream body. There are lots of easier workouts that you can do to shape your body routinely. This post will tell you the easiest yet effective way to create the shape of your waist and hips.
how to get a smaller waist and bigger hips

Healthy Diet

Healthy diet can help you to gain the body shape you want by eating food with high nutritional content. The diet will give you tone and firm muscle, and also reduce the fat in your body.

Healthy diet needs balanced nutrition and avoids eating fast food, fries, soda, or any other unhealthy food at all cost. Balanced nutrition includes protein, carbohydrate, fiber, and do not forget water.

The proteins play a big role in shaping a healthy body. You can get protein by consuming eggs, legumes and beans, fish or meat. The proteins can help to build your muscles and gain stronger body, which will be useful for doing exercise to get smaller waist and bigger hips.

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Carbohydrate is also essential nutrition since it is the primary nutrition that gives you the energy you need to do your daily activity. Reduce your carbohydrate only; do not cut out your carbohydrate intake. You can get the carbs from oat, grain bread, or veggies.

Eat food with high fiber as the fiber will stop the carbs content from entering the body. Drink enough water to balance the food you take. You can add some fresh vegetables and fruits juice.


Once you have adjusted your dietary meal, you can do some exercises to form the waist and hips that you want. Here are some exercises that can help you gain small waist and big hips are vary.


how to get tiny thin waist and big wide bum exercise
Butt and thigh workout for bigger hips can be done with the help of squats exercise. Squats prove to be an effective workout to tone your butt and thigh muscles that resulted in wider hips.

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Bent your knees all the way and move your butt backwards until it almost touches your ankle. Hold your hands in front of you shoulder width. Push yourself up on the balls of your feet. You can do the jumping squats too if you like. The jump will burn calories and flatten your tummy.


small waist big hips
This is by far not the easiest exercise to gain the violin shape you dreamt. But if you want to get the shape you want, you have to do it anyway because you have to make your body work.

Dance, jog, swim, cycling, or any workout you like most; you need to do them to burn fat and maintain your body shape. Do not over-train yourself to avoid the risk of getting an injury.

You need to do the diet and exercises regularly and diligently to get the utmost result you want. Those are how to get a bigger bum and smaller waist.