sleeping without a pillow: Why Should I?

Sleeping Without a Pillow: Why Should I?

Sleeping without a pillow is considered as an uncomfortable thing to do when people want to take a rest for the night. As it has become a habit, sleeping is considered as complete when they have pillow, bolster, and blanket as a complete sleeping set.

People have gotten used to sleeping with the pillow, bolster, and blanket thus when they are missing one of those parts the sleeping will feel like incomplete.
sleeping without pillow

However, for some people this theory of a complete sleeping set is nonsense. When people say that the presence of a pillow is to maintain the head position and also the neck to stay aligned, the fact is that sleeping with pillow makes the muscles around the neck and spine will feel pain. There are some researchers have pinpointed some benefits of sleeping without any pillows.

Natural sleeping

sleeping without a pillow good or bad
Believe it or not, sleeping without using a pillow will give you natural sleeping. Thinking about how a baby was put on the sleeping place without a pillow. It is because the pillow can make the baby has incorrect body position. Thus, baby is never accompanied by a pillow. His or her sleeping will be more comfortable with no pillow. However, it doesn’t mean that laying him or her on the floor without mattress would be good either.

Avoid back pain

advantages of sleeping without pillow
Sleeping without using a pillow will avoid back pain. How is the relation between a pillow that is supposed to be placed on the head with the back pain? When people are using the thick pillow, the position of the sleeping would affect the body to adapt. Thus, the back pain will be experienced the next morning. When the head is aligned with the neck and spine, all the muscles would be relaxed and the sleeping would be totally tight.

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Good quality of sleeping

health benefits of sleeping without pillow
Sleeping without a pillow is believed to provide people to have good quality of sleeping. They won’t experience having insomnia or trouble of sleeping because all of their muscles have been relaxed. There won’t be any nightmares either. Indeed, sleeping is the best way to relieve stress and burden. In fact, stress happens when someone has wrong position of sleeping. The muscles will be pressed so the stress can hang you over.

Experience no neck pain

benefits of sleeping without a pillow
Sleeping is supposed to be lying on the bed with the position of head, neck, and shoulder in the straight same level. When you notice some people having trouble with their neck pain that is so stiff and painful, then it shows that they use pillow for the rest of the night. It also indicates that their quality of sleeping does not satisfy them.

Sleeping with no pillow also helps people restructure the current structure of our bones. When it is too late to normalize and restructure, at least the bone structure won’t get worse because of your habit of sleeping with pillow. Thus, when you have already known the disadvantages of sleeping with pillow, which one will you choose between sleeping with a pillow or sleeping without a pillow?

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