how many carbs in asparagus

Carbs in Asparagus?

Have you ever asked yourself on how many carbs in asparagus? Asparagus is a spring vegetable that is a member of lily family. It has thin pointed, spear-like shoots. The spears of the plant is harvested and the edible part of the plant. There are white, purple, and green asparagus, with the green one is …

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how many carbs in grapes

Carbs in Grapes

How many carbs in grapes? That question maybe has ever crossed your mind when you consume grapes while you are on a low carbs diet. These berries come in groups and wrapped in smooth semi translucent skin. Grapes are sweet, refreshing, and very appealing for your taste buds. Grapes are also the main ingredients for …

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how many carbs in an orange

Carbs in Orange?

How many carbs in an orange have? Maybe you have ever wondered that question if you are on low-carb diet. Oranges often serves as juice or snack and can be found in a variety of recipes. The sweetness and freshness of the fruit make orange as one of favorite fruit. The benefits given by oranges …

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what is a good substitute for olive oil

Substitute For Olive Oil

What’s a good substitute for olive oil? As what you might have noticed that cooking by using oil is a healthy choice. Compared to the butter, oil seems to be healthier although in most ingredients butter has been the provider of flavor and also richness in dishes. Yes, butter seems to provide the flavor and …

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