different types of pregnancy sleeping pillows

Different Types of Pregnancy Sleeping Pillows

Pregnancy sleeping pillow have been sounded so familiar. First, due to the comfort that most pregnant women seek, they tend to look for something that they can have to provide comfort and satisfaction.

Second, when the pregnant women use common pillow, the pillow would press the bump which can make the people experience back pain. When it happens you will never get an easy sleep because of the pain you experience and it won’t be a good thing for the baby too.

That is why during the nine months pregnancy, you can provide the pregnancy pillow to support the comfort and also health.
pregnancy sleeping pillow

Various Pregnancy Pillows
Pregnancy pillow is available in various types and of course sizes. There are several types of the pregnancy pillows. What are they?

C-shaped pillow

pregnancy sleep pillow
This type of pregnancy sleep support pillow has the C-shaped that will fit into your body size. It works out like a pillow that is connected to the bolster. Thus, you do not need to buy the regular bolster because this C-shaped pillow has included it for you. This C-shaped pillow won’t press your stomach that is getting bigger every single day.

People would love using this kind of pillow because it is able to be fold into the position that you like. When you are about to wake up, it will be a handy pillow. It is quite easy to maintain because the inside pillow is washable. When you are attracted in C-shaped pillow, you can choose the Boppy which costs $50 or simply go to its website.

U-shaped body pillow

pregnancy sleeping pillow position
Another pregnancy pillow pattern is called the U-shaped body pillow. It is also known as the inflatable pregnancy pillow. It is the option that has the biggest size of the pillow. This is the rescuer of pain whether it is back pain or neck pain for the pregnant women.

This body pillow will wrap you in your full body so that you will feel completely surrounded. Behold, a kind of product made by Remedy is available for you to deal with. It is made up of 100% polyester. It has been famous as its pliability and also softness.

Wedge pillow

pregnancy sleep support pillow
The last option related to pregnancy sleep aid pillow is the wedge pillow. When you hear the term wedge, it must remind you of shoes. It is quite high and hard. However, don’t think too much because it is different.

Wedge pillow will support your bump when you want to sleep for the rest of the night. Compared to the C-shaped and U-shaped pregnancy pillow, it is considered smaller and it costs less expensive too.

Wedge pillow is created to support both the back and the bump so that the pregnant women can feel comfortable while sleeping. They can place this wedge pillow against their backs so that they can use it as the support for their back while working or reading with a desk.

These types of the pregnancy pillow would give comfort and pleasure for those people who still want to be active during their pregnancy. Thus, you should not forget about the different types of pregnancy sleeping pillows.

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